Miller's Dunn Moving Horses


Hello from the Miller family!

A little about us:

I was practically born on a horse at my parent's boarding facility and have always had at least one pony or horse on the property until I moved out on my own. Several years later, I decided to purchase another equine friend and attempted to board it at a facility that promised me that my horse would be taken care of….sadly, that didn't end well for me or the horse. Deciding to give up horses for a while, I concentrated on other things in life, but something was always missing.

I met my husband Todd in 2000 and married in 2001. Now being a military wife, I honestly thought owning horses ever again was a long lost dream. In 2003 our family was transferred to Great Falls, MT where horses seemed to be everywhere. That's when we decided to purchase 2 horses….why not, right? Although, prior to this my husband had no experience with horses, but he took extensive lessons, attended clinics and has become very knowledgeable in equine management.

Living in town, we needed to board. After being in several facilities, it came clear that leaving our horses in someone else's care just wasn't working out. It seemed to us that it was all about the money to these farms and not about the care and well being of the horses. They were promising things that were just not possible with so many horses on the property. Not to mention, spending a half hour just trying to find our horses on one of several 30 acre fields.

After trying different boarding barns and finding the same problematic issues, we have had enough and purchased a home with land and have had our horses on our own property ever since.

Being military, moving horses state to state has not been easy, but having wonderful friends (Sue & Jeff Thompson of Ft Shaw, MT and Nancy Kemp-Capes of Cheyenne, WY) to help with the transportation of the horses, they were a Godsend and made it possible and bearable. Our family has finally settled here in Centreville, VA permanently where we have opened our own facility where the horses are taken care of like part of the Miller family.

How to Find Us:

Dunn Movin Farm
7615 Bull Run Drive
Centreville, VA 20121

Business Hours:
9am - 5pm Daily