Miller's Dunn Moving Horses

At Dunn Movin Farm, your horse is TRULY treated like our own. We only take in a very limited amount of boarders in order to make sure that EVERY horse receives the individual attention and care that it deserves at all times

Our farm offers:

Stalls come complete with:

If a client needs something extra done within reason, they just need to ask. We will probably do it at no additional charge.

The horses kept at Dunn Movin Farm are cared for and fussed over throughout the day, not just at feedings.  My husband and I own and live on the property and run the farm by ourselves. With that, we are able to be very consistent with the needs of the horses and their owners.

Although all of our clients have their own assigned stalls, we know that horses were not born to live in them.  Research shows time and time again that horses are much happier and healthier living in herds with constant grazing, so that is where we differ from many barns. Our equine friends generally live out in small groups with a constant hay supply and come in to their stall for their daily grain/supplement feedings. All the horses on the farm get fed quality pelleted feed at no additional charge. They also come up to the barn for ANY bad weather: high winds, rain, thunder, lightning, excessive heat/humidity, bugs…etc.  We monitor the weather very closely and are aware of the forecast at all times.