Miller's Dunn Moving Horses


As a novice rider and a first-time horse owner, I was looking for a very special place to board Mack, my gentle giant Draft horse. Both of us were a little broken; I was still mending after 6 rib fractures and a broken back from a bad fall and Mack was in need of all around good care which he had not been receiving while I was laid up for 12 weeks. Wendy and Dunn Movin Farm were exactly what we both needed, a place to heal and gain confidence in a supportive, safe and caring environment.
Mack’s first four days were spent at the hay bale. He couldn’t turn away from it as if it might disappear! Wendy assured me he would eventually be satisfied and start noticing his surroundings. Sure enough, Mack began enjoying all that Dunn Movin Farm has to offer. He settled into his own little herd, learned which stall was his and began enjoying being out in a variety of fields.
I also immediately began gaining confidence and my anxiety around horses, which developed after my fall, began fading away. All of the horses at DMF are well mannered and calm. I’m sure that’s because of Wendy’s calm, confident and positive attitude. She clearly loves these horses and her management style reflects it. Wendy also wants her boarders to feel comfortable and welcome at the farm. The lounge is cozy and I immediately felt welcome to hang out and soak up the encouragement from other boarders. Incredibly enough, I’m not the first person to fall off a horse! Just sharing and listening to how others deal with a variety of situations has helped me feel comfortable again. The casual, welcoming and safe atmosphere fostered by Wendy, in addition to the excellent care provided to Mack, has been more than I ever hoped for when searching for a new barn.
Months later I’m even happier at my decision to board Mack with Wendy at DMF. Mack is so comfortable and relaxed in his own herd, he visits over the fences with the other DMF horse herds, the miles of trails outside the gate are a wonderful bonus, and he’s well fed and cared for as if he was Wendy’s own horse. There are enough horses to keep his life interesting but not so many that he could be overlooked. Wendy’s philosophy of a stall for every horse gives me peace of mind on the bad weather days and nights. But the best is pulling up to the farm and seeing Mack out in one of the fields with his buddies and knowing that he’s been grazing to his heart’s content. He calmly comes over to greet me and enjoys whatever we do that day; ground work in the arena, getting in a few miles on the trails, grooming and hanging out. It’s always a fun day at DMF with a great group of horses and people.
Should you have the opportunity to board at this wonderful farm, prepare to hear laughter and encouragement while our horses and we enjoy life together.
-- Kim Smith (Boarder since December 2014)

After years of having my horses at my own property, a move to Northern Virginia required I board. My work requirements limit my barn time. Finding an ideal setting for Rhythm, my Tennessee Walking Horse (TWH) was critical. Looking for a friendly, drama-free, safe boarding environment where Rhythm's care was evident and trail riding opportunities were abundant led me to Dunn Movin Farm (DMF). After a few emails, an informative phone call, and a visit I knew DMF was exactly what we wanted in a boarding facility. DMF provide a knowledgeable, casual, safe, relaxed barn setting for horses and people. Rhythm was thoughtfully integrated into the herd. He thrives on spending time in the pasture with his herd and appreciates the care taken to stall (and blanket) him when the weather necessitates. I receive pictures and texts from DMF and its friendly barn mates keep me apprised of Rhythm. DMF and its boarders are an enjoyable group of horse people. With trails right outside the back gate, I can go any time to enjoy a leisurely ride by myself or with my barn mates. It is a perfect setting for us! I have every confidence the care and keep of Rhythm is the best in Northern Virginia.
-- Alecia & Rhythm

I was in a bind. My beloved barn was closing, due to the barn manager retiring. Heartbroken, I started searching for places I could put Ruby, my Arabian horse. Ruby isn’t just my horse, by the way. She’s part of my family. So I had to find somewhere that would offer the level of care we were used to but still within my budget. I found Dunn Movin Farm, and as soon as I talked to Wendy Miller, I knew this was the type of barn for Ruby. Wendy and her husband believe in the things I do for optimal health of the horse—lots of outside time (with limited stall time), constant access to forage, and mixed herds. A bonus is that the Millers live on-site and don’t have hundreds of horses to keep track of. I felt that Ruby would get good care.
Fast forward, and I know that I made the absolute best decision for my horse. Ruby has thrived at Dunn Movin Farm and has received excellent care. She is so relaxed that often I get pictures sent to me of her fast asleep. The horses all take long refreshing naps on the ground at DMF! They have a happy, contented air about them--it may be because the farm is right next to a Buddhist temple. The horses seem to enjoy the singing and stop to listen. When the horses aren’t sound asleep snoring, many of them are playing with each other or with toys. Every single horse at her farm is safe around people and very friendly—good manners are a must there. Wendy also welcomed my NHT trainer who has been coldly received at other barns.
The atmosphere for people is similarly laid-back and friendly. The boarders are all knowledgeable without being stuffy, and we spend a lot of time chatting and laughing. Everyone there was very supportive and helpful when I fell off Ruby and lost my confidence. If you’re looking for a boarding facility that is competent, affordable, laid-back and FUN, look no further. DMF is your (and your horse’s) answer.
-- Cat Needham

When preparing to move from Germany back to the United States, one of the most nerve racking decisions I faced was where to board my horse. I purchased a Friesian in Germany and was bringing him back with me. The fact that I couldn't visit the states in order to decide where to place him made this decision even more difficult. I spent hours upon hours searching for boarding facilities online. My major concern was the amount of care my horse would receive while boarding in general, but specifically if his unique import needs would be met. I narrowed down my search to a couple of facilities, and after speaking to Wendy on the phone I decided that Dunn Moving Farm was where I wanted to board. Wendy was so accommodating, knowledgeable, and easy to talk to. She completely understood my concerns of bringing a European horse to America, and offered many great ideas and suggestions that I hadn't even considered. My horse settled into the farm and routine within days.
Although there are facilities in this area that are a lot fancier, the environment provided at Wendy's can't be matched. The horses are cared for constantly and consistently. This is not only Wendy's job, but it is obviously what she loves to do. The horses are safe, well-fed, and well managed. They enjoy being out in beautiful, shaded fields the majority of the time but do come in for feeding and bad weather. I am so comfortable with my horse's well-being at the farm that I don't feel like I need to go every day just to check on him. I know that he is being taken care of.
There is a wonderful little sand arena, about the size of a dressage arena, which drains quickly after rain and is always in good riding shape. The level grass jump field is another wonderful riding option. Should you want to ride out on the trails, you can be out the back gate and on the battlefield in less than a minute. The smaller facility results in a lack of drama that is often found at bigger, fancier barns. The boarders all get along and enjoy trail rides together. I am completely happy with my decision to board at Dunn Moving, and I definitely recommend it to others who are interested in a caring, relaxed boarding environment.
-- Mika Maples

I have owned my Arabian, Sky, for the past 14 years and after moving to VA two years ago, made a big decision to move Sky here with me. She had been under the care of one woman at a small facility in NJ since I bought her at the age of 3 and as an Arab and mare, Sky has quite a personality! I knew it would be very hard finding a place that I felt comfortable moving her to. I spent nearly a year researching and visiting barns surrounding DC and narrowed my search to two barns this past summer. Seeking a very specific type of person with a love of horses and an idea that each one needs individualized care, I definitely found the right match with Wendy!
She lives on the property, is constantly watching and checking on the horses, keeping individual concerns in mind, and is amazing at daily communication! She is also VERY knowledgeable and has helped me improve Sky's overall health and happiness by suggesting different feed and supplements based on her needs and age. Every time I visit the barn I am impressed with Wendy's daily adjustments and updates based on horse personalities, weather, etc. She definitely puts her entire heart into our horses each and every day! It is a major relief knowing I never have to worry about Sky!
-- Maggie Marach

Such a blessing to find DMF! Getting back into horseback riding to fill the empty nest - and the owners of DMF were so supportive and helpful. From helping me find the perfect horse to helping me learn how to do things the right way versus the way I learned some 25+ years ago, to treating boarders and horses like family - DMF has gone above and beyond my expectations. The community they have built with boarders and horses is warm and welcoming and the quality care for the horses is greatly appreciated. They are a hidden gem in the northern va area. If I could give more than 5 stars, I would!
-- Jody Becker